Fact #1

Types of Opioids?

Opioids are found in some prescription medications used to mask pain. This highly addictive drug is also found on the black market in various forms.
Fact #2

Opioids & Heroin

What's the difference between heroin and prescription opioids?
Prescription opioids block receptors in your brain. It’s very addictive and withdrawal symptoms can be severe.
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Fact #3

Addiction & Withdrawal

Opioid addiction can start within a few days.
Opioid use begins.
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Fact #4

Mixing Opioids & Alcohol

Mixing opioids and alcohol can have serious consequences.
Alcohol reduces oxygen flow to your body.
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Fact #5

How Prescription Opioids Can Affect You

Opioids should only ever be used as prescribed.
I refilled my prescription when I didn’t need to and now I’m addicted. As my tolerance grows, I need stronger pills, increasing my risk for overdose.
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